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MDI Single Component PU Binder for Running Track

Texture of material : MDI and polyether

Suitable place : Running track, sports fields, playground

Usage cycle :

Characteristic : Transparent liquid color; Buffering, sound absorption, tensile strength, good elongation at break etc

tel:+86 18727589339

Product description

* Good adhesive force to cement and asphalt flooring.
* Colorless, non-toxic, and has good flexibility and shock absorption.
* Low viscosity, good mixing performance and no sticking to construction tools before curing.
* Easy to operation and save engineering cost.
* The top advantages of the rubber flooing made by PU adhesive are good flexibility, rebound ability, and comfortable foot feeling.

* Suggested ratio of PU binder and bottom layer EPDM is 1:6, PU binder and top layer EPDM is 1:5.
* Work condition: within 35-40% air humidity, the curing time is 8 hours.
* While outdoor air humidity reaches 75%, construction is not recommended.
* Other suggestion is depend on the kind of the rubber flooring.

20kg/bucket, 960kg/pallet; or 200kg/drum, 800kg/pallet