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Silicon PU Elastic Layer

Texture of material :Silicon

Suitable place :Courts, gymnasium

Usage cycle :

Characteristic :Beautiful in color, wear-resistant, non-slip, anti-aging, and is not affected by climatic conditions. Easy for maintenance.

tel:+86 18727589339

Product description

Yiplas Silicon PU is made from special silicon and imported raw material, successfully passed the relevant national environmental test, safe and non-toxic. The finished tiles is with strong tensile strength, anti-friction and fastness, and it is colorful.
Silicon PU is divided into primer, elastic layer, wear layer and surface layer which are different performance, primer, elastic layer and wear layer for the oily one-component material, the surface layer is water-based and two-component material.

Practical Performance:
* The material is beautiful in color, wear-resistant, non-slip, anti-aging, and is not affected by climatic conditions. 
* It can effectively overcome the shortcomings of making up the basic edgy, cracking or unevenness. 
* It combines various advantages of plastic products, wide application range, high cost performance, superior performance, comfortable, rich colors and smooth surface. 
* It is convenient for the renovation of old venues, to make up for the lack of basic shortcomings, the needs of different thicknesses and the rebound is even and comfortably.
It is suitable for indoor and outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts, handball courts and table tennis courts. It can also be used in leisure areas, gymnasium, recreational activities and other places.